A discovery route of culture and history

Within walking distance of the centre of Tongeren, and on the route of the Roman road that connects Cologne with Boulogne-sur-Mer, B&B Atuatuca offers you a luxurious stay with respect for history, culture and nature.

Our modern furnished bed & breakfast is an excellent base for exploring the oldest city in Belgium and the beautiful Hesbaye region.


Our six themed rooms, one of which is a double room for 4 people, can accommodate up to 14 people. We drew inspiration from the most important cities along the Via Belgica. The host and hostess take care of you with a unique breakfast, for a carefree start…” of your journey of discovery through the first city of the country.

Holiday home

Our separate holiday home for 4 people has the advantages of underfloor heating in the spacious and airy living room, in the fully equipped kitchen, and in the two bedrooms. A modern bathroom is at your disposal. You can enjoy your own private terrace at the back of the building, south facing, so lots of light and sunshine.

Carefree enjoyment

Nothing like starting your day with the smell of good coffee and a delicious breakfast. It's nice to relax on the sun terrace and in our extensive garden. Your vehicle is safely parked in our secure and guarded car park, while you explore Tongeren and its surroundings on foot, by bike or in any other way.


Boasting the title of “oldest city of Belgium”, it goes without saying that the historical past is strongly visible. To this day, in and around Tongeren traces of Roman occupation are to be found all over. If you are addicted to history and culture, Tongeren is the place to visit.


Some 2.000 years ago, the Roman conquerors knew exactly what they were doing by choosing this area to found the city of Tongeren, baptizing it “Atuatuca Tungrorum”. Even our B&B Atuatuca itself is built on top of one of the main roads during Roman occupation : what we call today “Via Belgica” was a road that linked Cologne (Colonia) in Germany with Boulogne-sur-Mer (Gesoriacum) in France, thereby linking Jülich, Heerlen, Maastricht, Tongeren and Bavay as main “towns” in between. We are positioning B&B Atuatuca in this international context.


Tongeren and its spacious surroundings offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of art and culture. Think of the city’s classics, such as the statue of Ambiorix, the Basilica, the Gallo-Roman Museum, Moerenpoort, the renowned Antiques Market on Sundays… But Tongeren also has a rich reputation in gastronomy, with a good choice of renowned bars and restaurants, some of which are of Michelin star-level.


Respect for nature, ecosystems and sustainability has been a priority in the development of our B&B project from the start. Rather than investing in swimming pools, wellness and so on, we decided to focus on nature, ecology and sustainable solutions as key elements in our building. As a result we accommodate our guests in a “Nearly Energy Neutral” concept, where heat pumps, underfloor heating, advanced ventilation techniques, a green roof, advanced domotics, and many more play a key role. Moreover, we have developed a “green lung” close to the center of Tongeren, where we have our own fruit trees and vegetables. We also decided to serve sustainable, local, traditional and mainly bio products for breakfast.